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Proven Results

We focus on retail properties because over the next five years this real estate sector is projected to have the most robust growth.

We focus on the Southeast because it is the fastest growing region in the U.S. in terms of population, jobs and income levels.

We focus our efforts on assets with a value of $10-30 million because these assets have historically provided significant upside for private investors. These assets are large enough to avoid one-off buyers and small enough to avoid the large REITs, providing less competition and greater returns for our investors.

We focus on acquiring value-add, turnaround and reposition properties because our team has particular expertise in this area. In addition, these assets have historically provided the greatest rate of return for investors over time.

We work to generate annual rates of return in excess of 20% for our investors and seek to return invested capital in three to five years.

We look forward to discussing with you how Monarch Investments Group can provide an exceptional rate of return for you.